Keeping Kids Healthy & Happy

Just watching kids running around the playground is enough to make most healthy adults feel exhausted. Our kiwi kids are an active lot and for this reason they need an optimal intake of nutrients to ensure those little bodies run at peak performance.

Unfortunately, maintaining optimal nutrition in children is not just a case of offering more carrots and Brussels sprouts. Despite our best efforts, many kiddies are fussy eaters, leaving mums and dads at wits end and the child’s nutritional needs severely lacking. Some children’s diets may be lacking in essential nutrients due to restrictions brought about by intolerances and allergies. Regrettably even those rare children who are willing and able to eat those carrots and Brussels sprouts may still have suboptimal nutritional status due to poor nutrient content in the modern foods we eat. This suboptimal nutrition can leave kids feeling grumpy and lethargic, limiting their capacity for learning or indeed behaving! In turn, poor nutritional status can have dire consequences for the immune system, making children more likely to contract the illnesses that abound in day-cares and schools.

So, supplementing with a safe and effective children’s multi vitamin may act as an insurance policy, bridging the gap between dietary intake and the incredible nutrient needs of the average growing child. Radiance offers a comprehensive chewable vitamin and mineral kids supplement range, formulated with fortified green foods, designed specifically with kids needs in mind. This gentle formula contains all the nutrients required for the optimal growth and development of our little treasures.

When winter descends on us (along with a barrage of bugs) many kids may need additional support in the immune department. Radiance® Kids Immune offers a well-rounded bio-available formula designed to fortify a child’s immune system and give it a helping hand. This synergistic formula provides vitamins A, C and E, crucial antioxidants long used for improving the body’s defence mechanisms. Zinc has a very important role to play in this formula as it generally supports immune function and is depleted in New Zealand soils. Radiance® Kids Immune also provides extracts of Echinacea and Olive leaf; two very safe, effective and scientifically proven herbs that support the body’s ability to fight against viral and bacterial infections. All of this in a great tasting, 100% vegetarian chewable tablet!

Another great addition for the winter months, to keep that immune system in tip top condition, is Radiance® Kids Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a commonly lacking integral nutrient for the whole system, providing antioxidant protection, aiding collagen synthesis for strong connective tissues and of course bolstering a fledgling immune system. For children needing gastrointestinal support, try Radiance® Kids Colostrum and for those kids that really will not eat veges, try Radiance® Kids Vege for extra peace of mind!