Kids Bone

Kids Bone

Kids need nutritional support for healthy bones and teeth too! Many nutritionists do not consider dairy products to be a good source of calcium for humans at any age.

  • Supports strong healthy teeth and bones
  • Support for kids with growing pains
  • Supports calm and relaxed nerves

Radiance® Kids Bone provides nutritional support to assist in the formation of strong, healthy bone matrix when taken alongside a healthy diet. Especially important during the early years of bone development. Also supports relaxed muscles, calm nerves and a happy mood.

SIZE: 60 Chewable tablets


Children 2-3 years: One tablet daily
Children 4-8 years: Two tablets daily
Children 8 and over: Two to four tablets daily


Calcium 125mg
Magnesium 25mg
Vitamin D3 100IU
Silica 12.5mg
Boron 125µg
Naturally sweetened with fructose. Natural vanilla caramel flavour.


Independent testing has confirmed 25ppm dairy content in Radiance Bone, owing to an ingredient in the  flavouring. For this reason those who are have a very severe life threatening allergy to dairy should use caution. Less sensitive individuals with less severe allergic responses or intolerances should be fine to take this product.