Vitamin C Powder

Vitamin C Powder

Optimal health and vitality support for every member of the family!

  • Supports competent immune function
  • Prevents & treats upper respiratory infections
  • Reduces environmental allergies & asthma

Radiance® Vitamin C Powder provides nutritional support for the maintenance of optimal vitamin C levels, which has wide reaching benefits for all body systems especially immune function.

SIZE: 200 gram


Adults: ½ to 1 teaspoon once or twice daily

Children 5 and over: ½ adult dose

Children 2-4: a tiny pinch to ¼ teaspoon


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate) 2000mg
Bioflavonoids (lemon) 50mg


Vitamin C is very safe, although very high doses may induce loose bowels or diarrhoea. Not recommended for people with haemachromotosis, thalessaemia or sideroblastic anaemia. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.