Sleep – How to do it properly

Are you bamboozled as to why you can’t sleep? Tried everything and still lying awake throwing the covers around?  Your current insomniac state could be induced for any number of reasons and the following are a few clues as to what measures you can take to regain a full night’s sleep.

Can’t fall asleep?

Is the process of falling asleep a problem for you? Do you lie in bed twiddling your thumbs while your other half has happily dropped into dreamland? It could be minerals. Calcium is an important mineral to consider if sleep onset is an issue. Taking in a complex such as Radiance® Calcium Complex, could remedy this annoying waiting game.

Waking in the night?

Just when you thought you might get through the whole night to wake refreshed, it happens again. It’s 3am and you might as well get up and put the kettle on as getting back to sleep seems to be off the nights agenda. This tiresome imbalance could be associated to a magnesium deficiency. Try Radiance® Magnesium Complex Plus for a good dose of magnesium to be taken a half hour before bedtime.

Just one more coffee.

When you would rather extract a tooth than go without your afternoon coffee then this could be a warning that a dependency on stimulants is arising. If you are drinking coffee or black tea, eating chocolate, or sipping on energy drinks any time after 12pm then this may be too much zing for your system. Even if you don’t feel racy, this may just be enough to keep you awake at night. Switch to drinks such as herbal teas, red bush chai or caffeine free cereal beverages.

Go easy on the B’s

The B vitamins are very effective at zipping up our energy, so much so that it is not recommended to take your B’s after 12pm. Take your Radiance® Vitamin B50 or B100 in the morning as part of your daily routine, but never at night for fear of losing sleep.

Sleep is vital for your overall well-being, and no one likes a grump. Try some of these simple solutions and turn grump into trump!