The Multiple Benefits of Multi’s!

The purposeful misrepresentation of “scientific” data used last year as scaremongering propaganda in the media has left some people fearful of adverse effects from taking supplements. However, very few people supplement with forms or levels of nutrients that would do them harm.

It is wise to choose a supplement that is suited to your own specific needs. An elderly gentleman has very different needs to a young female athlete! This is the reason that Radiance® have come up with formulas for Women, Men and Kids, designed to suit the specific needs of their gender and age group. The formulas have been carefully chosen by nutritional experts to meet New Zealanders specific requirements and complement the health of your family.

  • Radiance® Multi for Women is a well balanced blend of all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that today’s busy, multi-tasking woman needs to stay in excellent form. The concerns of women have been taken into consideration as herbs and plant enzymes have been added to help tone and nourish the female hormonal system while being very easy for the body to absorb.
  • Radiance® Multi for Men is for the super man who needs a top up on energy and vitality. Eating on the run, nibbling at meetings and functions or just plain running out of time to eat properly mean that your man’s daily nutrition requirements may be compromised. Multi for Men is iron-free as men don’t need as much iron as women and children. It contains vital minerals for a healthy reproductive system such as zinc and selenium. The green foods and enzymes provide highly available nutrition for ultimate wellbeing.
  • Radiance® also has a fun, chewable Multi for Kids that is so tasty your kids will be coming back for more! Every parent wants their children to have the best diet possible; however, we all know that this is not always feasible with fussy kids! It makes total sense to add Radiance® Kids Multi to your child’s daily routine to make sure they have all the nutrients they need for plenty of energy and to grow strong and healthy.
  • All New Zealanders are at risk of mineral deficiency due to the low levels of some minerals in our volcanic soil. Add Radiance® Mineral Power to your regime to help ensure you don’t get to the stage of mineral deficiency. Keep your skin, hair, nails and bones in optimum condition by supplementing with what is depleted in your food.

Every member of your team will perform better when ensuring they get all the nutrients they need. Radiance® helps you achieve optimal nutritional status with their range of premium quality multi-vitamins and minerals for the whole family.