Are superfoods all that super?

The term ‘superfood’ has been around for a while now. But what exactly does it mean? First things first. There’s no official definition of what a ‘superfood’ actually is but what we can say is that it’s a term first popularized around the turn of the century to describe foods exceptionally high in nutritional value. […]

How to calm down during lockdown

Let’s face it. Self-isolation can be stressful and no one quite knows what’s going to happen next. Maybe you’re worried about your health or that of your family’s. Is money getting tight? Will you even have a job in a month? In the meantime, how are you going to keep a house load of chronically […]

What is “next gen” immune support

Before lockdowns and self-isolation, to keep your immune system functioning well you might have thought all it took was a decent dose of vitamin C, a pinch of echinacea and for the very brave, maybe a garlic clove or two. Obviously, things have changed. As we adjust to this ‘new normal’, it’s no longer important […]

How to stay healthy at home

Lockdown is bad enough without worrying about your general wellbeing. The kitchen seems permanently open for business and a ten-hour Netflix binge suddenly seems an acceptable way to pass the time. It seems getting off the couch has never been so uninspiring! But don’t panic, there are still a good many ways to keep your […]