How to calm down during lockdown

Let’s face it. Self-isolation can be stressful and no one quite knows what’s going to happen next. Maybe you’re worried about your health or that of your family’s. Is money getting tight? Will you even have a job in a month? In the meantime, how are you going to keep a house load of chronically bored, locked down kids entertained all day?

The good news is that while things might be a little ‘different’ right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t adapt to them and by doing so reduce those stress levels. Here’s our tips on calming down during a lock down.

Maintain a sense of routine

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean it’s now Ok to wear pyjamas all day or forget to brush your teeth. You need to keep a normal, pre-lockdown routine going as much possible. So get up, go for a run before breakfast, work around the house, make dinner or play with the kids. By doing whatever you did before all this craziness came about you just might get back that sense of control. And control is a key ingredient in reducing stress.

Give yourself a ‘lift’

Its believed one reason self-isolation is so stressful is because it takes away daily ‘lifts’, small things that relax us and make us feel good. Pre-lockdown it might have been grabbing a quick coffee on the way to work or catching up with friends on the weekend. When you’re stuck at home, obviously these things can’t happen so the trick is to replicate them. Work on something around the home that will give you a similar sense of satisfaction, FaceTime a friend, or make a far better flat white from that coffee machine you never used…..

Eat well

We’re not going to say much on this one because you know what to do. Just watch you don’t do the old ‘comfort eating as a back stop to reducing stress’ thing.

Sleep well

This is when sticking to routine really helps. Yes, you can stay up late watching episodes 4 through 11, but if you cut into your sleep, stress levels can follow. Go to bed and think of that amazing vege garden you’re going to attack in the morning.

Let’s get physical

You can’t go surfing, tramping, hot air ballooning or bungee jumping but you can still go for a walk, run or bike ride (just not too far). Exercise is a major stress reliever so take advantage of that. And if you can’t get out, you can always tap into an online exercise session.

Limit your news intake

A near-constant stream of negative news reports is enough to stress anyone out. Pick your sources wisely and limit how much you’re exposed to.

Plan for what you can

You can’t control everything that’s going on right now, so don’t. Concentrate on the things you do have influence over and take small steps to make them happen each day. Remember, time is on your hands.

Stay connected

Humans are social animals, hardwired for connection. Self-isolation isn’t great in that regard at least in terms of close person to contact. You can stay connected in other ways whether that’s by social media or even a natter over the neighbour’s fence. Just don’t let the lockdown dominate every conversation.

Stress formulas

This is an easy one although we do recommend looking for the more potent options. Radiance does two of the best – Radiance Stress Shield, which contains the highest concentration of Ashwagandha extract in the country (Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb known to support feelings of calm) and Instant Calm, a combination spray formula for instant support. You can find both of these at your local pharmacy but you probably should call first as stocks might be limited.