How to stay healthy at home

Lockdown is bad enough without worrying about your general wellbeing. The kitchen seems permanently open for business and a ten-hour Netflix binge suddenly seems an acceptable way to pass the time. It seems getting off the couch has never been so uninspiring!

But don’t panic, there are still a good many ways to keep your mind and body in shape while you isolate. Here are our top five to get you started:

Get active

You might not be able to go far, but even just a walk around the neighbourhood will help. You could also find a task outdoors that needs a little more effort, like sweeping the driveway or mowing the lawns. If the weather packs up, download a free workout, climb up and down your stairs a few times, or just get down and dance! However you choose to do it, aim for at least half an hour of moderate to intense exercise three to four times a week.

Eat more fresh veggies

However long we stay in lockdown, vegetables will remain in plentiful supply so you’ve got no excuses for not making them a big part of your self-isolation diet (especially if you get them delivered). Not only are they packed full of nutrients to keep your body running at its best, but they also support detoxification and a healthy metabolism. Try doubling your daily intake as winter sets in.

Take a multivitamin

Even under normal circumstances, planning, preparing and eating a balanced diet can feel a full-time job. But when you’re trying to keep supermarket trips to a minimum and find yourself working with limited pantry supplies, it can be even harder. This is when you might need a daily top up from a multivitamin like Radiance Multi Gummies, high potency 99% sugar free gummies. It’ll help you stay on top of your nutrient requirements, supports healthy energy levels, immunity and vitality.

Get your beauty sleep

The pressures of uncertainty and adjusting to a new environment can lead to a disruption in sleep patterns. And if you feel tired you are much more likely to avoid physical activity. Poor sleep also means that your skin doesn’t get a chance to detoxify and regenerate, which can give rise to that great combo – pimples and wrinkles! So even though you might not a have urgent meeting to get to the next (at least in person) get to bed at a reasonable hour and if you’re having trouble getting off to sleep try Radiance Tart Cherry Sleep Plus that supports and maintains a deep and restful sleep.

Finally, try not to worry about these trying times. They will pass. Just ride out the storm and keep yourself in good shape while you’re at it. Good luck and we’ll see you on the other side!