Put the spring back into your kids

It’s just when you think winter ills and chills are behind you that springtime ailments can strike.  Temperature changes and unsettled weather mean that a different group of viruses flourish and it’s these that can make kids sick. Kids immune systems are still developing and need practice against these nasties but there are ways to support a healthy immune response to help fight off illness and ensure kids recover as quickly as possible.

Good bugs for good health

Probiotics are the friendly bugs that live in our digestive tracts. They work to keep that environment healthy, to support digestion, a healthy immune system and they even produce some essential nutrients such as vitamin K. Probiotics get into a child’s digestive tract through the food they eat and through the games they play – letting your child get dirty is actually good for them! Some experts believe that a squeaky clean environment does our kids more harm than good. By ensuring your kids play outside and get dirty once in a while will allow the good micro-organisms to colonise their digestive tracts and will give their immune systems some practice against any germs that find their way inside. Taking a probiotic supplement is a great way to get extra support for gut health and immunity. Look for kid friendly products that will provide the probiotic strains they need and that will taste great.

Vital nutrients for immunity

Vitamin C and zinc have long been recognised as important nutrients to support a robust immune response.  Vitamin C has strong antioxidant action and is essential for immune system activation and skin health, our crucial first line defense against invading organisms. Zinc is an important mineral for the development and function of the immune system and for skin integrity.  Often kids just don’t get all the nutrients they need through their diet and supplementation of both vitamin C and zinc will make sure these 2 crucial ingredients are there to help support resilient immunity.

Healthy herbals

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to support immunity and to assist our bodies to ward off ills and chills when they do strike. And now science is discovering just how these medicinal plants work to support health and wellbeing. It is thought that certain constituents in herbs such as black elderberry, echinacea and olive leaf impact on viral replication and support a strong and healthy immune response. Spring in to the new season with a healthy environment, good nutrition and natural therapies to help make your child a well-being.