Your immunity protection this Winter

It’s getting mighty chilly and although that can mean open fires, yummy stews and winter skiing holidays, it can also mean the misery of ills and chills.  

But why do we tend to get more lurgies when the weather cools down? Well, there are numerous ideas around this, but these are the most prevalent and probably all have a hand to play.

  • Being cooped up more often in close quarters with others- if one person has a lurgie, it can spread like wildfire
  • That the cell wall of viruses, which is made up of lipids becomes more solid during cooler weather making them more resilient and more likely to spread
  • Lack of sunshine and vitamin D reduces the efficiency of our immune systems to search and destroy bugs

So what can be done to keep the ills at bay? The basics include teaching the kids ( who are the most common germ vector) to wash their hands and cover their coughs and sneezes, make sure you eat well, keep warm and exercise and it may be in your best interests to invest in some well-known lurgie preventers.  Think of it as insurance.

The first two products to think about are nutritional support- Radiance® Vitamin C Powder is a great unflavoured go to for everyday immune resilience. Vitamin C is one of the most researched and well known immune tonics, shown in study upon study to enhance the immune response so your immune system clobbers bugs before you get a sniffle, take a teaspoon daily. The second very important nutritional immune support is vitamin D. As mentioned above, it is thought that the lack of vitamin D may make us more susceptible to infiltration by marauding bugs and it makes perfect sense. Vitamin D is needed for the production of broad spectrum antimicrobial proteins and our search and destroy immune cells so take one Radiance® Vitamin D3 Chew every day.

Another must have in the immune arsenal, especially with an increase in rich foods and less salads and fibre are probiotics. These little good bugs migrate to the gut where they talk to the immune cell in the gut, telling them to get moving and launch an immune attack. Cover this base with Radiance® Pro-B Immune, just one a day provides clinically trialled probiotics and clinically trialled immune results!

And last but by no means least are the herbal immune system heroes.  A range of herbs that support the immune system to identify, stalk, kill and remember any opportunistic bugs. Some of these herbs also seem to have an action in and of themselves as antimicrobials, directly inhibiting any lurgies that may have taken up residence in your body. Radiance® ViroDefend takes the most potent of these herbs, including black elderberry, garlic, oregano and olive leaf and puts them into one hard hitting, multi-faceted immune product that is hard to beat. Take just one tiny softgel a day to keep those bugs at bay and increase up to 2-4 if you have succumbed to an attack.