Probiotics Daily Balance

Probiotics Daily Balance

Probiotics Daily Balance helps the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora balance, for the whole family

  • Increased populations of gut microflora for balanced digestive health
  • Restore digestive balance after a tummy upset
  • Normalised bowel movements (in both constipation & diarrhoea)

Probiotics Daily Balance supports intestinal flora balance, for healthy digestion and immunity and for general health and wellbeing.

SIZE: 30 chewable tablets


Chew 1 tablet daily


11 billion Live CFU Probio-Tec® Bifidobacterium animalis spp.lactis BB-12®
Probio-Tec® and BB-12® are registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/S


Not recommended for those with severe dairy sensitivities. May contain traces of gluten.